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University Ecclesiastical Academy of Vella of Ioannina


The University Ecclesiastical Academy (UEA) of Vella of Ioannina constitutes continuity of the Upper Church School of Vella of Ioannina which, by Law 3432/2006 article 3, was renamed to UEA of Vella of Ioannina and was upgraded to a University Level School (UE) with four-year studies, as it also happened with the other three equivalent Schools of Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion of Crete.

According to article 3 of Law 3432/2006, the four Upper Church Schools of Athens, Thessaloniki, Vella (Ioannina) and Heraklion (Crete) «are renamed to University Ecclesiastical Academies (UEAs). The UEAs train management staff of the Orthodox Church in Greece and provide education and degrees equivalent to those of the Higher Educational Institutes. The operation of the University Ecclesiastical Academies begins in the academic year 2007-2008».


The  University Ecclesiastical  Academy of Vella of Ioannina began its operation in the academic year 2007-2008 with two Programs (Departments) of Studies: a) Program of Clerical Studies (8-eight semesters) and b) Program of Ecclesiastical Music and Chanting  (8-eight semesters), after admission of students, both male and female, through the National Examination System.

Aim of the Academy

Aim of the Ecclesiastical education and consequently aim of the UEA Vella of Ioannina, as well, are the advancement and preparation of management staff, clergymen and laymen, for the Orthodox Church in Greece up to a high education level and Christian ethos (Law 3432/2006, article 2).

Access to the UEA of Vella of Ioannina (Extract from article 4 of Law 3432/2006)

  1. 1. Access to the Programs of Studies of the UEA of Vella of Ioannina, have the Eniaeo Lyceum graduates or the graduates of any other equivalent school of the Secondary Education, according to the conditions and the terms of the admission system in the Higher Education, inasmuch as they are Orthodox Christians. In particular, for the Program of Clerical Studies only male candidates are accepted.


  1. 4. Access to the UEA can have the Eniaeo Ecclesiastical Lyceum degree holders, at a rate of 10% in addition to the number of the admitted candidates, in accordance with the provisions of the present article.