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02 January 2012:
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  1. The students of both Programs of Studies of UEA of Vella of Ioannina are admitted through the National Examination System.
  2. Graduates from other University Departments are accepted through admission examinations, according to the legislation in force about the “Graduates’ Placement in the Higher Education” (GG1517/3.11.2005, issue B), and the “Graduates’ Placement in the University Ecclesiastical Academies” (GG2258/27.11.2007, issue B).
  3. After the article 60 of Law 3966/2011 (A118), from the academic year 2011-2012 onwards, general or specific provisions, dealing with home students’ transfer issues, are abolished. Also, according to the article 59 of Law 3966/2011 (A118), the total number of the students’ positions of the University Departments and Schools and, except this, the number of positions for students belonged to exceptional categories (as defined by the above article) are determined, once a year, by Ministerial Decision. A Ministerial Decision is expected, which will clarify the details arising from the voted law.
  4. The duration of studies at the UEA of Vella of Ioannina is four-year and the course attendance is compulsory for both Programs of Studies (Law 3432/2006, article 5.1).