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The University Ecclesiastical Academy of Vella of Ioannina

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The secretariat of the UEA of Vella of Ioannina, according to the existing in force legislation (Law 3432/2006, article 18 etc) provides seventeen (17) regular positions [among which four (4) positions for UE administrative and four (4) for TE administrative-financial staff, as well as UE Librarian’s, Vicar’s, Usher’s and Trustees’ positions] which have not been filled yet, because their proclamation procedures have not been completed, except one position for UE secretaries and one position for TE financial administrative staff, for which the procedures have been completed, and it is pending the recruitment of the qualified staff.

The secretariat operates temporally with detached staff.

For the academic year 2013-2014 the below teachers have been detached and placed:

  1. Αt the secretariat of the UEA of Vella of Ioannina, Mr. Krommidas Ioannis (UE-70)
  2. At the ecomomical department of the UEA of Vella of Ioannina, Mr. Alexis Evangelos (UE-09)

Contact information
Tel. +30 26530 41281 and +30 26530 41236
Fax: +30 26530 42160
E-mail: gram at aeavellas dot gr

Operation hours: 09:00-14:00 on working days.